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Castles and Vineyards


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« Selling a bottle of wine is also selling a share in the dream »

« An investment in a winery is a challenge to oneself. There is every likelihood of it becoming a passion, even if there was none to start with »


A winery is a mix of industrial and agricultural world cultures, and the process of buying such estate is by no means straightforward. IFL is the only company dedicated to French property with caters to the specific needs of the Asian-based clientele and investors. IFL has a unique level of expertise and appraisal obtained from 11 years working in French property transactions.



Enjoy the lifestyle of the French elite, be close to nature and heritage…

It is not uncommon for many a group of friends, chatting over a good meal and a fine bottle of wine, to mull over the idea of throwing it all in and buying a vineyard in France.  Owning a Vineyard with hundred of hectares or a 18th century Castle in France and enjoy the Crème de la Crème…

You can not only look for huge living surfaces of great historical interest, but at the same time you can enjoy numerous farm outbuildings to develop your winery or your agro-touristic activity ! When buying an apartment, you may not expect the next generation to keep it as a family asset. As for a castle carrying centuries of old traditions or a vineyard needing several decades to grow the best wine trees, you do not own a property ; you merely hold it for the next generation !

Buying a castle or a vineyard : a pleasurable yet secure and lasting investment…

Due to the recent crisis, it has become more obvious that a sustainable and perennial investment has to be carefully carried out as we saw the limits of the world market, and particularly with the stock exchange.

Capitalisation of the estate, considering that it is rare that a capital gain is not generated upon sale if, "as a good father should", the property has been well managed. Over 30 years, wine property has never fallen in France, irrespective of the region. Over the last 20 years, the price of the properties in France was multiplied by 5.

Owning a vineyard or agricultural land, a way to contribute to the global ecosystem…

Vineyards are today evolving very rapidly. You can add on several other profit centers, based on your own expertise or interest. Be it ecotourism, photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, hunting, livestock,… you will develop a business model of your own and contribute to the environment at the same time.

The French heritage in castles and vineyards…

A unique architecture and history

Lying at the heart of Western Europe, France has one of the richest historic heritages. Each region has its selection of monuments, including ancient cathedrals, fortified castles, magnificent chateaux and palaces, historic towns and city centers. The richness and diversity of its architecture which dates back several centuries can be seen in many properties for sale in France.

A unique vineyard’s heritage

Besides tradition and history, one of the reasons for the dominance of French wines is the extraordinary range the country makes. This is thanks to its wide span of climates, which allows light white wines to be made in the Loire, and powerful reds in the Middle. France has exploited this to assemble a list of wines, or wine regions, which dominate the world. Be it Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Loire, Rhône, Alsace, Languedoc; IFL is working with qualified experts and will assist you in the selection of the most appropriate winery. We take into account the “terroir”, the wine making facilities, the brand value, the sales network, the winery real estate and more.

Tailor made services

Becoming the owner of an estate requires analysis and reflection. IFL will assist you in :




Purchase and Post-acquisition


Next steps

We operate our Asian network through our mother company IFL headquartered in Hong Kong. As soon as you contact us, we will arrange to meet and gain an understanding of your needs and introduce our specific approach and ways of work.