More than its 20 years of experience specialized in French Property, more than its extensive international network and its privileged relationship with the French Government, more than any other factor, it is the Associates and Partners who make up the IFL team that constitute IFL's greatest asset.  

Composed of a group of experts, each focused on a specific area, the team works together across France and all over the world. The success of the company is rooted in the total commitment of this team which has gained the absolute trust of its clients. Values of our company are respect, integrity and solidarity.
Somalina Nguon
Founder & Associate Director – Hong Kong / Paris
Formerly a Price Analyst for the international group SGS, Somalina studied in Paris and in the United States.
She established the original IFL structure in Dublin in 1999.
After years spent in Kenya, Ireland and Venezuela, she is now based between Paris & Hong Kong. With a very high sense of service, she never has the feeling to work as she is passionate. "Developing partnerships all over the world and having the luck to work everywhere is a truly exciting experience on the cultural and human aspects, each acquisition project is a challenge, each new property found, a rewarding achievement. I am very grateful with life, having the great sensation to always be at the right place, at the right moment with the right person".
David Guillon
Vineyard and Château Expert – Associate - London
As the owner of the Château de Rozier estate (Rhône valley, close to Nîmes) and a successful winegrower himself (his wines have won the Gold Medal in a number of national competitions), David has established strong relationships with the French government, and in particular the Ministry of Agriculture.
He helps investors to understand France's wine regions and the luxury vineyards and châteaux available from Bordeaux to Provence, and then sources the right property to perfectly match the client's wishes and objectives.
Thanks to his extensive network of contacts and connections, David can introduce interested parties to off-the-market and trophy properties and ensure a smooth, secure transaction with French officials. His expertise is valuable in helping establish a sound business model, conduct proper due diligence, and give key insight into strategic planning.
Jérôme Arbault
Associate Director - Hong Kong
Jérôme, who graduated from a French Business School in Lyon (France), is a French Property expert. He began his career in wealth management and quickly specialized in real estate, an important asset in any portfolio.
His time spent at Louis Vuitton proved inspirational for his role at IFL as finding a unique property requires many of the same skills demanded by the luxury goods sector.
Jérôme works on "tailor-made" projects for our clients who can benefit from his 10-year experience in French real estate.
Xavier Léonard
Associate - Paris
A qualified lawyer and tax specialist, Xavier also holds a Master's degree in Business Management and Strategies and already boasts a rich experience in real estate financing and consulting.
Xavier, a thrill-seeker, is passionate about rock climbing and skydiving.
"The choice of a small, humane business structure was not by chance. It is, in our opinion, the best way to build close relations with our customers and better understand their expectations. We can then offer an attentive, highly personalized, turnkey service that goes above and beyond what is expected.”
Romain Pottier
Associate - Canada
Entrepreneur-born, Romain built his first business at 17 years old and successfully grew his private conciergerie while he was in Paris and London, before heading to North America to widen his network.
He adapts like water and so, whatever you are looking for, he will find out, specialized in off-market property as Hôtel Particulier, Buildings, Offices.
Patrick Roth
Associate - Bordeaux
Financial advisor, Patrick had a long experience as a private banker. He is not restricted to any investment product or service, and works exclusively for the benefit of our clients.
He focuses on financial planning and investment consulting: independent assessment, wealth transfer planning, real estate investment, vineyard acquisition.
José Alemany
Associate - Lyon, France
With more than 25 years of management and strategic development experience and DESS MBA “General Management” degree from IAE Lyon University, José is Global Supply Chain expert (from supply to e-commerce), strategic business development manager, operational partner of Asia France business and investment platform, and with Family Office international funds from structuring to deployment of company acquisition and sale with private real estate.
Catherine Fejoz
Associate, Loiret, France
Studying marketing and graduated in advertising and event communication, Catherine lived first in Paris and in the Caribbean for 12 years (the French and Duch West Indies). Her expertise has been completed over the last 25 years in the travel market, in aeronautics, in the creation of tailor-made program for luxury tourism and MICE events. She founded and created several companies, including one in Paris "Conciergerie", especially for a high-end Chinese clientele. She has a worldwide network established over the years during her many travels and her relationships are always based on fundamental values ​​such as respect, conscience, and humanity.  Based now in the Loiret, close to the Pays de la Loire, Catherine is listening to the beautiful opportunities for exceptional properties in this region.
Alexandre Mahia
Partner - Paris
Alexandre belongs to one of the largest network in France. Very dynamic, his passion is to assist his clients in their acquisition, sales or rental projects and thus, all over France. Very hard worker, he loves meeting people, travels and sports.
Linda Tan-Taylor
Associate, Shanghai
An accomplished Marketing Strategist, Linda holds a Master Degree in Business Management from the French Business School INSEEC (Paris). She has spent 12 years in Asia working for well-known consumer brands from start-ups to multi-nationals, and is now settled as an independent Consultant in Switzerland. Linda, a creative thinker, offers a fresh perspective to tackle the real estate market. She believes that "great things are never done by one person. They're done by a team of passionate people."
Darab Baghai
Architect - Paris, France
A Paris based architect, and co-founder of Compas architecture, Darab is a graduate from Harvard University and the French Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris.
He is registered at the order of architects in France, and focuses on the refurbishment of hotels particuliers, villas, luxury apartments and design of office planning in France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Abu Dhabi.
Michel Le Poupon
French Notary – France
Michel is one of the few English-speaking notaries in France and specializes in handling the paperwork governing property purchase by non-residents.
He is in charge of the legal procedure for each transaction and works closely with the Hong Kong office to secure each acquisition project.
Emilie Roussel Broquisse
Property Expert and Advisor in Private Asset Management - France
Graduated as a notary and in private asset management, Emilie has developed for the last 20 years a solid experience in the heritage trade, acting as advisor for individual customers, business leaders and professionals.
She has a good knowledge of the French property market, the procedures and tax system. Today, her main activity is to assist clients in the searching and selection of a property and accompanying them in their investment project with tax and costs optimization as targets. Furthermore Emilie is President of an association of business leaders in West Paris.
Ana Irene Vidal Colorado
Partner - Latin America
Ana is a Venezuelan lawyer (1988) with over 20 years experience. She has a Law Masters Degree (DESS) on Urbanism and Construction Law from the University of Toulouse, France (1990).
Ana has worked in France as advocate at the Court in Paris (2008-2013). She was Legal Counsel of Real Estate Chamber of Caracas (1998-2002) and Chief, Legal Counselling Service, Department of Legal and Consular Affairs, Ministry of Oil and Energy of Venezuelan’s Government in 2004. Ana thinks that success comes faster to those who are open, active learners.