Thank you to our wonderful clients for their testimonials!
P. Dillane and Claire bought a house in Normandy
"The attention, service, courtesy, patience and one year later the on-going support, Somalina and IFL provide is superb. I can wholeheartedly recommend this young lady and consequently IFL to you with confidence. Her common sense approach and decency are unequalled in my experience. From sorting out my TV to arranging meetings with auctioneers, she did it all with the highest standard of professionalism and care."
K. & M. Cook purchased a house in the Languedoc Roussillon region
"We found IFL provided a friendly and efficient service to us when we were searching for a property in France. The company was also a great source of information and advices after we made our purchase."
P. Macken purchased a new apartment in Nîmes area
"I have found IFL very efficient and has also great expertise in the property business. They have been a pleasure to do business with and I would recommend them to anyone in Ireland interested in buying a property in France."
J. Mooney bought a farmhouse in Normandy
"I would be pleased to say IFL found the property that I was looking for, there was no time wasted, what I wanted, I got. I hope to do business with IFL in the future."
J. Owens & Paulette bought a house in Carcassonne
"Somalina & Herve were very friendly and helpful in selecting our property in France with us. With their experience we found a lovely house in the South, where we now live and are very happy. We can't thank them enough because we know we could not have done it without their help. They were fast, efficient, leaving with us with the minimum paper work for us to do. - Thank you both."
D. & A. O' Caroll bought an apartment in Paris
"An absolutely excellent service. Upfront, honest and efficient on the costs of our project, quick to respond, reliable and helpful at all times, but above all; courteous as only the French know how... thank you."
T. Fahy bought an apartment in Paris
"Buying property abroad is a troublesome and difficult business. So when I approached IFL to buy an apartment in Paris, I was delighted to find the financial, legal and practical aspects taken completely out of my hands. This is a very personal service and I knew that no matter what little worries (or larger concerns) I had, I could always rely on IFL to take care of them. They even went and measured the bedroom so that my bed would fit !!... Thanks Somalina and Hervé."